The Re-making of Calendar Girls?


From left to right – Jude, Jaqui, Sharon, Pat

Four friends and supporters of Cancer Relief UK, have recently embarked on a trip to the Daily Mails offices in Kensington in a bid to raise money for us, by undertaking a tasteful nude photoshoot.


Jude and jaqui

Sharon was approached by a journalist, asking if she and her friends would take part in a feature for the Daily Mail, talking about how they felt about nudity around their friends.  Sharon quickly got her friends, Pat, Jude and Jaqui together and they decided to go for it.  During the conversation, Cancer Relief UK came up and it was decided there and then that they would use the opportunity to raise some funds for us.

They were also hoping to raise our profile by getting us mentioned in the daily newspaper.  Sadly this didn’t happen!  In spite of us talking none stop about our efforts to raise the profile and fundraise for us.  Sharon said “It’s a real shame they didn’t mention the charity, we all kept dropping it into the conversation, saying how excited we were to be raising funds through the interview and photoshoot”.  However, the girls are still positive about raising our name and getting us more noticed.   They have set up a just giving page where you can donate to them.

AND.. not only that, but they want to take things a little further…. they want to resurrect “The Calendar Girls” by


Sharon & Pat

producing a calendar… just like the original one, with ladies taking part, being photographed in tasteful positions (as you can see from the photos here, they cover all your bits and bobs).  BUT… also, why should men not take part?  Therefore “Calendar Girls”, becomes “Calendar Ladies & Gents”

They are looking for volunteers to take part… there isn’t much time to get involved, as the calendar needs to be completed before Xmas realistically to maximise sales.

Get in touch with Sharon  by email, saying why you would like to take part and please enclose a recent photo.

****We also need donations for print, make up, stylist and photography please, if you know anyone that would like to help, ask them to get in touch with Sharon as soon as possible. ***