christmas tree with baubles

Merry Christmas

As the festive season approaches, we have been thinking about all the people we have supported throughout the year., and all the people that have supported us.

christmas tree with baublesWe hope you will continue to support us throughout the Xmas period and the New Year.  Our charity calendar will be available to purchase next week.  Please contact us on 01246 852233, we can post them out to you.  They are only minimum donation of £5.00 each with £2.80 postage.  AND of course you are more than welcome to pop into our drop in centre to collect.

All of us a Cancer Relief UK would like to wish all our supporters and friends a very Merry Xmas and a Happy healthy New Year.



The Re-making of Calendar Girls?


From left to right – Jude, Jaqui, Sharon, Pat

Four friends and supporters of Cancer Relief UK, have recently embarked on a trip to the Daily Mails offices in Kensington in a bid to raise money for us, by undertaking a tasteful nude photoshoot.


Jude and jaqui

Sharon was approached by a journalist, asking if she and her friends would take part in a feature for the Daily Mail, talking about how they felt about nudity around their friends.  Sharon quickly got her friends, Pat, Jude and Jaqui together and they decided to go for it.  During the conversation, Cancer Relief UK came up and it was decided there and then that they would use the opportunity to raise some funds for us.

They were also hoping to raise our profile by getting us mentioned in the daily newspaper.  Sadly this didn’t happen!  In spite of us talking none stop about our efforts to raise the profile and fundraise for us.  Sharon said “It’s a real shame they didn’t mention the charity, we all kept dropping it into the conversation, saying how excited we were to be raising funds through the interview and photoshoot”.  However, the girls are still positive about raising our name and getting us more noticed.   They have set up a just giving page where you can donate to them.

AND.. not only that, but they want to take things a little further…. they want to resurrect “The Calendar Girls” by


Sharon & Pat

producing a calendar… just like the original one, with ladies taking part, being photographed in tasteful positions (as you can see from the photos here, they cover all your bits and bobs).  BUT… also, why should men not take part?  Therefore “Calendar Girls”, becomes “Calendar Ladies & Gents”

They are looking for volunteers to take part… there isn’t much time to get involved, as the calendar needs to be completed before Xmas realistically to maximise sales.

Get in touch with Sharon  by email, saying why you would like to take part and please enclose a recent photo.

****We also need donations for print, make up, stylist and photography please, if you know anyone that would like to help, ask them to get in touch with Sharon as soon as possible. ***

Donate to us at no extra cost to you…

Have you heard of easyfundraising?  It’s a simple way to help us to raise funds for our work, without actually costing you anything at all!


It’s as simple as ABC… we all shop online don’t we?  Well every time you shop on line you can help us raise funds by simply doing your shopping through the fundraising site at What’s more is that you can still shop at all the retailers you normally shop with.

Here’s how you do it….

1. Start at easyfundraising

Let’s say you want to buy a pair of shoes from John Lewis. Instead of going to directly, you first go to

2. Make a purchase

From the easyfundraising website, click through to John Lewis to make your purchase. This tells John Lewis you came from easyfundraising. The price of the shoes is exactly the same.

3. Get a donation

After you buy your shoes, John Lewis will give you a cash reward that you can turn into a donation for your good cause. easyfundraising collect this and send it on at no extra cost.

4. Get the easyfundraising Donation Reminder

You can skip steps 1 and 2 with the easyfundraising Donation Reminder. Just click the reminder when you shop to receive any eligible donations. You’ll never forget a free donation again!



We want your old clothes please

As we are members of the Fundraising Standards Board, we thought we would share some information on charity bag donations.  Of course, you don’t need a bag to donate to us, just call in and drop your unwanted clothes off with us, have a look around our drop in centre and have a cuppa and a chat. Or you can always give us a call on 01246 852233 and we might be able to collect from you.

In the UK, charities lose an estimated £15 million each year through the theft of charity bags or by fraudulent collections. In some cases it is straight forward theft, in others fraudsters are running bogus collections themselves, claiming that donated goods will go to charities.

Remember that the majority of collections are legitimate and charities rely heavily on this for income and stock for their shops where they have them.


Many charity supporters are now understandably nervous of donating goods in this way. But this leads to an even greater loss of income for charities.

Here’s our advice to give safely using charity bags:


Legitimate charity collection bags will feature the charity’s details and registered number on the bag. For charities who are members of the FRSB, look for our distinctive ‘tick’ logo too.

If you want to check the details, you can look up UK registered charities on the Charity Commission’s website. For Scottish charities, check out the OSCR and visit the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland for charities based there.


If the charity is using a commercial organisation then the bag must have a disclosure statement on it which clearly outlines how much of the collection’s proceeds are going to the charity and how much is going to the company.


FRSB 'give with confidence' tick logoIf the charity is a member of the FRSB, their materials should include the tick logo. This means the charity has signed up to follow the highest standards in fundraising and is regulated. See which charities are members.


Try to put the bag out on the day of the collection, to discourage theft.


If you have suspicions that your charity bag was stolen or that a ‘charity’ collection bag you have received is not legitimate, here’s who to contact:

  • Theft of charity collection bags should be reported to your local police.
  • Suspected bogus collections can be reported to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.
  • Report any concerns about charity clothing collections, make a complaint to us.


The police and trading standards are tackling the issue and collating intelligence to minimise this crime.

At the FRSB, we are monitoring public complaints and working with the Institute of Fundraising to make sure charities have access to best practice guidance for household collections.


Call the charity to discuss any feedback about their fundraising. They will want to hear your views.

If you are still unhappy or you want to speak to an independent body, then you can come to the Fundraising Standards Board. Call us on 0333 321 8803 or email

Seeking adventure? Looking for a challenge?

We have just updated our trekking page on our website, and so, we thought we would try a shout out.

We are looking for at least two ambitious people, who are looking for a little adventure and are not scared off by a challenge.  IS THAT YOU?  If so, we need you.

We need two people to undertake a Kilimanjaro Trekking Expedition and help raise much needed funds for our charity.    Completion of this challenge, and it is a true challenge, is something to be very proud of.



  • Kilimanjaro (5895m) is the worlds highest free standing mountain and the highest in Africa
  • A tough but rewarding challenge with a huge sense of achievement
  • The Lemosho route is the longest and safest route with the greatest acclimatisation
  • Our small groups benefit from individual attention + daily health checks = greater success
  • Our guides and crew are fully qualified and experienced to ensure your safety

We have three different payment and fundraising options to best suit you.  The dates we have fixed at 5th – 16th June 2017, however we can be flexible on these dates, providing we have two people to undertake the challenge.

Come on, what are you waiting for, the sooner you start fundraising the easier it will be to reach your target 🙂  Give Steve or Phil a call on 01246 852233, drop us an email at or check here for the full details .


A – Z Fundraising


A – Z Fundraising activities


Hopefully by now you have had the change to download and look over our fundraising pack.  We just thought we might put together a little more help for you to help us to help others.

We have created an A – Z of fundraising ideas, that you could use to raise funds to help us continue the fantastic work we do.  We need your help to continue to provide the serves that we do and we appreciate all your efforts, however large or small.

Please download your  A - Z Fundraising Ideas (342 downloads)

If you need any help with your fundraising, please get in touch, we are here to help.

Call Phil or Steve on 01246 852233

Leaving a legacy


Have you considered or are considering leaving a legacy gift in your will?

We know it’s not something we like to think about, but we all need to plan for the inevitable.  Your legacy gift to Cancer Relief UK can make a huge difference to peoples lives and their families.  We can help them to get treatment, have a respite in one of our properties or help them financially with day to day bills with one of our grants or even help them start campaigns to raise funds for special requirements.  We can only do this with your donations, we do not receive any kind of funding from any Government grant, we raise every penny ourselves with your help.

We have put together a little help sheet, to help the will making process a little easier.  Will Helper (332 downloads)

Steps to making a will:

1. Think about what assets you have

2. Assign an executor

3. Decide who you will be leaving your assets too

4. Assign a professional Will Writer, to ensure that everything is witnessed and meets all legal requirements.

More help can be found here for working of your will.

We hope you will help us to continue our fantastic work, please call us, we can help to make the process run smoothly with your donation

Some good news for some cancer suffers perhaps?

A pioneering pair of cancer drugs that unleash the immune system on tumours will be paid for by the NHS in England.

In trials, the combination therapy shrank the most aggressive and deadly type of skin cancer in 69% of patients. The decision to approve the drugs is one of the fastest in NHS history and is likely to be adopted throughout the UK.

Experts said harnessing the body’s own defenses was now giving “new hope” to cancer patients. The field – known as immunotherapy – is one of the most exciting in cancer treatment.

Cancers are a corrupted version of healthy tissue and evolve ways of evading the immune system. Ipilimumab and nivolumab stop the cancers hiding and allow the immune system to attack. Ten years ago, patients with advanced and aggressive melanoma lived for an average of nine months. But two years after a being given both drugs – more than half experience tumours shrinking and a fifth have no sign of cancer at all.

Prof Carole Longson, from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) which approved the drugs, said: “These promising new immunotherapy treatments for advanced melanoma look set to significantly extend the life of people with the condition.” The combination was licensed across Europe only last month. The speed with which it was approved by NICE means patients in England will be the first to have access to the therapy on the continent.

Peter Waite, a 63-year-old motor technician from Preston, was diagnosed with kidney cancer last year. He started a trial on the drugs, which are now being tried in a wide range of cancers, in April 2015. He told the BBC: “There was a 30% reduction in the size of the tumours and it has arrested any further growth. “It’s very easy to decide your life is over when you have a terminal illness, the introduction of these drugs is going to bring a lot of hope to people and I’m totally positive and looking forward to watching my grandchildren grow up.” He now has his cancer monitored every six weeks to ensure it does not start to grow again.

Nivolumab and ipilimumab both work by interrupting the chemical signals that cancers use to convince the immune system they are healthy tissue. Nivolumab blocks the off-switch on white blood cells called PD-1. Ipilimumab blocks a similar switch called CTLA-4. Dr Paul Nathan, from the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre,  said  “Immunotherapy is genuinely exciting, it is starting to have a profound effect on many cancers and I’m in no doubt there will be patients that have long-term durable control of their disease… it really is a game-changer.”

It is the dual-action that means the combination therapy works better than either alone. However, the combination also causes inflammation in the bowels and liver as the drugs triggers the immune system to attack healthy tissues. Prof Peter Johnson, said: “These results give new hope to melanoma patients. “But, it’s important to remember that more powerful treatment comes with an increased chance of severe side effects. “Our research now needs to identify which patients are most likely to benefit from this combination and who is most likely to experience the side effects, so doctors can make sure we get the balance right.”

Are you or a family member for friends suffering from any form of cancer?  If so we would like to hear from you.

Source BBC/newscancer cells

Adventure Trekking

Ever fancied a sponsored trekking trip?

We are looking for people to take part and raise funds for CRUK.  We have lots of options available..

[Download not found] – 24th September – 6th October 2016

[Download not found] – 11th – 20th March 2017

On both treks you will be supported by experienced guides.  All treks offer a low deposit and everything you need to be able to successfully raise sponsorship.

Fancy something different?  Try looking here for inspiration, then contact us on 01246 852233.trekking

Last call for teams for Charity Golf Day

Last call for Team for "Golf Day" 19th May

Just wanted to remind everyone about our “Charity Golf Day” which is very close.  Do you want to join us for a fun day out or do you know anyone who likes a round of golf?  If so please let them know that time is running out to book in a team.

We still have availability for a few teams to play.  It’s on the 19th may and will be held at Matlock Golf Club, starts at 10am.

Team will be for 4 people and it is only £80 per team to take part, and you will be helping to raise funds to help us to help others, society handicaps are welcome too, so please do pass the word around.

We have prizes for the top three teams, food is available on the day.

Can’t play that day?  Would you consider sponsoring the event instead?

Please get in touch with Phil or Steve on 01246 852233 or email us on