Leaving a legacy


Have you considered or are considering leaving a legacy gift in your will?

We know it’s not something we like to think about, but we all need to plan for the inevitable.  Your legacy gift to Cancer Relief UK can make a huge difference to peoples lives and their families.  We can help them to get treatment, have a respite in one of our properties or help them financially with day to day bills with one of our grants or even help them start campaigns to raise funds for special requirements.  We can only do this with your donations, we do not receive any kind of funding from any Government grant, we raise every penny ourselves with your help.

We have put together a little help sheet, to help the will making process a little easier.  Will Helper (332 downloads)

Steps to making a will:

1. Think about what assets you have

2. Assign an executor

3. Decide who you will be leaving your assets too

4. Assign a professional Will Writer, to ensure that everything is witnessed and meets all legal requirements.

More help can be found here for working of your will.  http://www.cancerreliefuk.org/index.php/willslegaciesquick

We hope you will help us to continue our fantastic work, please call us, we can help to make the process run smoothly with your donation

Yvonne Steward

In memory of a very special lady who will live on in the hearts of many. Her kindness, empathy and gift for making people feel special blessed many who were privileged to know her and I treasure the memories I have of our time spent talking, laughing and drinking coffee together into the wee small hours.